Michael Morris

MICHAEL MORRIS, Staff Instructor

Mike was a full-time singer-songwriter when he took his first Bikram Yoga class in August of 2008. “I had done an on-air interview at a local radio station, and left the station with a 30-day certificate to Bikram Yoga Portsmouth. It took me about three months to use it, and I walked into that first class wearing those baggy mountain bike shorts with all the pockets and pads on them. More...

Those shorts weighed about twenty pounds after that first class. I was hooked from the start, but it still took me a few months to get a proper pair of shorts.

I had been living with significant pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders. Having attributed it to getting older, and the end result of years of lugging gear, I was surprised to find that Bikram Yoga was healing my body. It takes patience, and a commitment to practice consistently, but it works.

After about a year of regular practice, Mike was leaving the studio in Concord when he heard the words, “You should go to the training.” I thought I was too old, not strong enough… but I really wanted to do it. I was just afraid to try something new.

Mike completed his training on December 6, 2009, and taught his first class the next day. “Bikram Yoga is like a series of hard-fought miracles: accepting yourself, healing yourself and, ultimately, opening yourself up to the world around you. One day at a time, one posture at a time, one breath at a time. Close