Mindy Fabiano

MINDY FABIANO, Staff Instructor

"Mindy, don't turn out your legs." "Mindy, relax your feet, no pointed toes" Bikram teachers say they can spot a dancer from a mile away, and Mindy was certainly no exception! She began her Bikram Yoga journey six years ago when a fellow dancer from her Royal Caribbean cast suggested she take classes to keep in shape between contracts. Mindy started dancing at the age of four, and from then on, it was all dance, all the time! More...

She competed at the national level, winning numerous awards, scholarships, and even a spot on the World Dance Team. It seemed only natural that she start performing professionally. However, years of dance and two ankle injuries were starting to take a toll on her body. The cast mate promised that along with a great workout, Bikram yoga could heal her body and actually make it stronger to prevent future injuries.

Mindy started practicing in Nashua where she instantly fell in love with the yoga and made plans to one day go to the Teacher Training and become a certified instructor. Those plans took much longer than expected! Six years later, she's finally made it!!! She will tell you the benefits of Bikram Yoga are endless. Keeping one's body healthy, strong, and free from injury. The yoga has also helped her to find a healthier body image after struggling with the sometimes unhealthy lengths dancers will go to, to stay thin, as called for by industry's standards.

The body is such a wonderful and beautiful instrument. One that must be diligently cared for and maintained. Bikram says his yoga is like the fountain of youth, and Mindy hopes it will keep her dancing and practicing yoga for the rest of her life. Close