Meet the Staff

ANGELA MARTINEZ, Owner and Director

I was first introduced to Bikram Yoga in September 2010. A friend of mine encouraged me to accompany her to the class. I was reluctant to try it. I was nervous about how hot the class could be, and also because I had never tried any type of yoga before. Halfway through class I thought to myself, that this is crazy, when will it end! It was only how great I felt the next day that made me think "I have to get back into the hot room." More...

The more I practiced, the more my passion for yoga grew. For 20 years I have been a stay at home mom, taking care of my four children, my home, but the more I got into yoga the more I felt like I had finally found something just for me! In the Spring of 2013, I decide to venture off to Los Angeles for the nine week teacher training course, to become an instructor. I feel that yoga has truly changed my life, for that I feel blessed, and hope to show others what yoga can do for them.

See you in the hot room! Close


Jeni Ogilvy, Staff Instructor

Jeni took her first Bikram Yoga class in November 2010 at the insistence of her daughter, Ashley, who was currently at Bikram Yoga Teacher Training.  After not exercising for nearly a decade, besides putting on weight, she was suffering from numerous ailments, severe back pain, headaches, acid reflux, and plantar fasciitis. After practicing for only a month, all of her ailments were gone, and over the next two months, she shed 30 pounds. She was hooked More...

In 2011, she completed a 365 day challenge, and then made the decision to become a teacher, which she completed in the fall of 2012 in LA. What Jeni loves most about Bikram Yoga is that anyone can do it, not matter how old, sick, or broken they are. She loves bringing her enthusiasm for the yoga to every class she teaches. When not teaching, Jeni enjoys practicing Bikram Yoga with her husband, Mike, as well as her three daughters.Close

GRACE TUNG, Staff Instructor

Having just moved to San Francisco for a new job in 1998, Grace was just looking one day for something to do. She wasn't looking to change her life or find fulfillment, but that's exactly what happened when she had the good fortune to find a Bikram Yoga class at Global Yoga, owned by renowned Senior Bikram Yoga teacher Mary Jarvis. She was hooked, and her life immediately took a new direction. Grace practiced whenever she could, and after nearly 20 years as a healthcare executive, she left the traditional corporate healthcare world to become a certified Bikram Yoga teacher in 2003. More...

She wasn't necessarily athletically inclined, but was an avocational dancer. The Bikram series replicated for her all that she loved about dance: the mindful movement of her body in a deliberately choreographed manner. But it gave her an opportunity to do it with a quiet mind … not outwardly expressive like dance, but inwardly calming like meditation.

Grace teaches with compassion. She loves teaching Bikram Yoga because she loves practicing Bikram Yoga.

"We all have a *something*… bad knees, back pain, arthritis, excess weight, inflexibility, diabetes, heart disease, and/or stressful jobs, just to name a few. Just come for your first class. We all start somewhere. Don't force yourself into a posture, and never allow yourself to feel suffering or self-criticism. Instead, practice with patience and consistency. Your body will open up when it is ready. This practice is life-changing, microscopically and infinitesimally! I want to expose as many people to this method of yoga so that they too can experience its euphoric physical and mental health benefits. Everyone can practice this series. I've taught students with cerebral palsy, rods in their spines and artificial knees, hips and shoulders.

My students often tell me that I’m great at motivating them. In fact, with all their hard work and dedication, it is they who motivate me, and for that I am always grateful."

Grace opened and operated Bikram Yoga Cedar Knolls (NJ) in 2007, but sold it and moved back to her hometown of Manchester in 2015 to care for an aging parent. She is delighted to be back! Close

KARA BARBARA, Staff Instructor

My first Bikram Yoga class was not pleasant.  I had always been active with dancing and running and thought yoga would be a walk in the park.  Quickly, I discovered I was wrong as I entered the hot room in sweats.  Even more quickly, I realized the damage I had done to my joints and my body over the years.More...

I left my first class and promised myself to never go back.  To my surprise, shortly after class I started to feel pretty good, then great, then the next day, amazing!  Sure enough, my curiosity brought me back immediately and I've been hooked every since.  I've worked through and healed damaged joints and muscles and continue to feel recharged, reenergized, and balanced with a consistent practice.

In 2011 I became a teacher and sharing this lifelong practice is a wonderful and rewarding experience! Close