Student Code of Conduct

Even though each practice is individual, the room is shared with others.

To guarantee each student the best experience possible, Bikram Yoga Manchester requests that everyone respects the etiquette of the hot room...


  • First time students must arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of their first class to register. BYM can not guarantee entry should a first time student arrive late or close to the start of class.
  • Classes begin on time, so arrive before the start time of class. Entry into class is not guaranteed for students who arrive late. Once a teacher begins class, the class is closed.
  • Classes are 90 minutes, plan on staying the entire time. Leaving the room should be strictly limited to emergencies.
  • If you have to leave the room, do so between postures. Also, please wait and return to class between postures. Limit your postures to the Bikram series. Please do not substitute the postures in this series with postures from other types of yoga during class.
  • Please come to class with a clean body and feet.
  • No baseball caps, please. Bandanas and sweatbands are okay.
  • No pagers or cell phones in the yoga room.
  • No gum, candy, or food in the yoga room. Feel free to speak to a teacher during class, but please no social conversations during class.
  • If you choose to be in the front row, please remember you are an example to those behind you. Please refrain from doing advanced postures or being distracting to those around you.
  • Treat others exactly the way you want to be treated. BYM will not tolerate students that are rude, insulting, or offensive to the staff and fellow students. BYM reserves the right to ask those behaving in this manner to leave the premises.
  • Have a positive attitude, open mind, and have fun!

Bikram Yoga Manchester understands there are exceptions to every rule. Bring specific issues to the attention of the staff. Any questions email Angela at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.